Key Features Of Qvision Technology

  • plugplay

    Qvision Is Plug & Play

    Qvision is literally “plug & play.” If your current camera is compatible with our software, we just need the IP addresses and literally, in a few hours, live videos will be available on your website. If you require an adapter or decide to add new cameras, you simply connect power and Internet to your new hardware and the system will alert us. We then take a few minutes with you to make final adjustments remotely and you’re in business!

    If you utilize complex traffic management systems, Qvision interfaces with your cameras without any changes to your current system and our Enterprise software can even streamline your command center operations.

  • Qvision Works With Any Camera Anywhere in the World

    Qvision Works With Any Camera Anywhere in the World

    Our technology allows us to connect to virtually any camera in the world. If a camera is not directly compatible, we have a low cost hardware solution that will get you online in no time.

    Qvision will work even if you don’t have a handy Internet connection available because we have designed it to work with wireless connections, long distance wireless, and cell connections. Our technicians can provide you with a fully programmed cell modem that is set up with the cellular provider of your choice. This means you can now have live loop video from virtually any location regardless of Internet availability.

  • Qvision Is Flexible

    Qvision Is Flexible

    Our system lets you choose the optimal time between new video loops. You may also change the length of the loop. We have default settings for several typical scenarios but you can easily adjust settings to your preferences. We can assist you with solutions to camera needs, no matter the environment. Our network of top notch camera system providers can easily provide you with quality hardware to stand up to any situation.

    We offer several options for viewing your images: the raw video file sent directly to your servers, a fully processed and formatted for desktop or mobile device sent to your server, a customized web page with your location map and clickable links to view your videos, or our Enterprise software that runs from your server and takes care of everything. We can even set up and program an entire website if you desire!

  • Qvision Is Reliable

    Qvision Is Reliable

    Qvision software has been in operation successfully for over three years. We have refined and streamlined it so that we experience 99% uptime. We provide a three year warranty and free upgrades on all of our software products.

    If you purchase hardware from our distribution network, you can be assured that you are buying the best in the industry. Recommended cameras come with a three year warranty. Our distributors have thousands of systems in use worldwide. They use only the best components and continually strive to improve performance and reliability.

  • Upgrades Are Hassle Free

    Qvision Upgrades Are Hassle-Free

    Installing Qvision on your cameras is very simple, even if your hardware isn’t initially compatible. Due to the cost and technical headaches involved in setting up live video streaming, some customers find it hard to believe just how easy it is to get up and running with Qvision. There really is nothing like it!

    It’s simple to upgrade your Qvision video processing option from our basic service to a customized webpage to our Enterprise software. We are always available to create and program any or all of your website as well.

    If you ever want to switch to live streaming on a particular camera, our live streaming partners can make the change remotely in just a few hours. There is no need to go to the remote camera or bring it into the shop.

  • Qvision Is Cost-Effective

    Qvision Is Cost-Effective

    With our system, you can inexpensively provide live updated video clips to one or 100,000 users. There is no longer any reason you can’t have live updates for your specific situation. Bottom line…the savings speaks for itself!

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