Traveler Information Videos for the Same Cost as JPEGs!

Over 50% of existing traveler information image systems use still shots. While better than nothing, still images can’t distinguish between 5 mph or 50 mph. For travelers trying to make decisions about a congested area, that’s a very important difference. In most cases, agencies either provide no images at all or choose still images due to the prohibitive costs and technical complexities inherent in streaming video. Qvision provides a completely new option that can easily be adapted to show current traffic conditions in a wide range of settings.

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Transportation - Traveler Info

Qvision offers a cost effective way to provide live video updates of traffic conditions on highways, bridges, tunnels, cargo areas, or any congestion points. Increased congestion and no options for growth require advanced methods to maximize existing roadways. It is proven that having “adaptive drivers” dramatically raises the threshold of gridlock. And drivers who know what conditions lie ahead are generally more relaxed and will automatically provide load leveling without any intervention by the DOT. Check out the excellent white paper for more details - EXAMINATION OF THE METHODS AND COSTS OF PROVIDING TRAVELER INFORMATION

Qvision is a perfect solution for giving travelers the information they need and doing so at the same cost of providing still images.

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Cost Savings – The cost to implement the system is equal to or less than the cost of providing JPGs or rapidly updating JPGs. Travelers receive updated videos that have all the benefits of live streaming without the cost and need for dedicated hardware.

Requires Little Bandwidth – This system uses very little bandwidth due to its completely new design. It is not a repackaged version of any current video technology. Where it is in use on cameras with a cellular modem connection, the monthly data limit is not being reached.

Economy of Fewer Cameras – Because this technology is not live streaming, a single PTZ camera can be utilized to take from two to eight different video views. This could cut hardware costs significantly for the DOT.

Simplicity – The system does not require extensive integration with existing DOT systems.

Sharing Videos with Other Agencies – sharing with other agencies and/or media is done through an administration page that allows the DOT to assign privileges and a number of security restrictions. The user then logs in through any browser on any device to access the permitted images.

Works on All Platforms and Mobile – The videos are pre-formatted to play on any device without the need for a special application and they use very little bandwidth from the user’s data plan.

Qvision is the first reliable alternative to live streaming video. It’s a fraction of the cost with none of the headaches. Qvision software provides live video traffic updates to travelers at the same cost of still images. Agencies save 90% over live streaming costs, and travelers enjoy 24/7 access to accurate traffic information on their computer or mobile device. Whether your agency has a legacy network or the latest fiber optic, Qvision is a significant cost savings in implementation, hardware, maintenance, and service provider fees.

Qvision Technology can help any federal, state, or local DOT achieve its goals at a fraction of the cost of existing technologies. We have created software which takes advantage of the capabilities of today’s computing and advanced video distribution technologies. Qvision can capture video received from any location via fiber, network, DSL, or 3G and 4G cellular. Cost savings over existing software and hardware solutions can be from 50 – 80% freeing up scarce resources for other needs.

Transportation – Traffic Control & Sharing Video with other Agencies

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In addition to offering live video updates to travelers, Qvision also allows real-time viewing and PTZ control by operations centers and easy sharing of real time streaming video with other agencies. Depending upon the individual system and requirements this sharing can often be done without dedicated streaming hardware.

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Qvision also provides a simple and secure way to share images and control, if desired, of your video streams with other agencies such as other transportation departments, police, EMT, fire, and others. It couldn’t be easier with our browser based video stream delivery. And there is no need for expensive and complicated video streaming hardware. Qvision allows you to share live footage of an incident using the same hardware and software you use for providing traveler information to the public. Security features can be implemented to meet the most stringent standards.

Qvision is great for remote locations where the cost of putting in a fixed line for a camera becomes prohibitive. Because Qvision does not require a constant internet connection an agency can quickly and easily serve remote areas. All that is needed is a camera, power (solar or line), and a cellular modem to monitor a route cost-effectively. And all Qvision packages allow live viewing and PTZ control, traveler information videos, and sharing with other agencies on any and all cameras using the service.