Qvision low-cost video for remote monitoring &
cellular connected cameras

From this...
To this!

Cut the cost of your cell connected cameras by up to 95%.

Has the high cost of video over cellular and unreliability of live video streaming kept you from moving forward with video monitoring? Are you currently using video monitoring or would you like to have video monitoring of your construction, temporary projects, and remote locations?

Transmit video cost effectively from ANYWHERE with a cell connection with no concern for bandwidth overages.

Is it difficult to integrate cameras via cellular modem into your TMC software?

Relax and know there will be no more “surprise” cellular phone bills for thousands of dollars.

Have you experienced the multi-thousand dollar cellular phone bill for accidentally leaving a connection open? This can’t happen with Qvision.

Capture up to eight video views from a single camera instead of just one view per camera.

This feature alone can lower hardware costs substantially.

Qvision is a revolutionary product that can save vast amounts
of money and dramatically improve your operations!

Qvision video software also allows you to do the following:

  • Live video streaming with full PTZ capability for agency staff just like any existing camera in your system.
  • Easily check in on your work crew or review progress or problems. Saves time and money.
  • Easily post videos to 511 or Traveler Information website to help travelers adjust their routes and timing. Qvision video plays on nearly every OS, tablet, and mobile device. It won’t eat up a mobile user’s data plan.
  • More vigilance and public awareness increases protection for road crews.
  • Provide simultaneous views to a virtually unlimited number of viewers without enormous hardware costs. No network slowdown at critical times.
“Qvision is a cost effective video technology that empowers the Command Center and the public to monitor various zones and make informed decisions.”

Other available Qvision options:

  • Calculate delay wait times at construction zones for posting to websites/511.
  • Automatically alert operators to unusual congestion/incidents at a construction zone.
  • Provide HD video to TV and other media outlets for broadcast.

We would be happy to provide a free consultation about
how Qvision can be applied to your unique situation